A Minneapolis resident. A lover of the city. I've seen views of this city few have seen before and I've explored the history of the city first hand. I love it. This blog is to show you a little of what I do, and maybe, show a little of what you love.

I'm a cities person. Minneapolis raised me.

21 years and young

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Anonymous: no love for stp?

Don’t have too many pics of the skyline. I have a lot of pics of the caves.

stonearchabridged: That shot of The Capella Tower was incredible! Keep up the amazing work. :-)

Thank you!!

The Capella Tower in downtown Minneapolis
Photo by AboveTheNorm
Like I mentioned in one of my previous post, I’m going to try to switch it up a little and add some of my other photos on here. This is a self portrait with some help from my buddy 6MillionStories. Abandoned theater from back in the day.
Photo by AboveTheNorm

Spring flooding at 43rd & Upton Ave, Minneapolis (1905)
(image via MHS Visual Resources Database)

I love history